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Improvements in technology force businesses to consider new approaches much more quickly when they want to remain competitive (Day, Schoemaker & Gunther, 2004). For the purchaser, technology due diligence should include a thorough overview of the seller’s technology systems to distinguish potential integration opportunities or problems. For example , buyers might want to review the particular acquiree’s client onboarding processes, analyzing whether the firm has an efficient paperless system, or are they still dependent upon paper documents? One savvy advisory firm managing $2 billion within clients assets automated their techniques and reduced their new accounts opening time to 30 minutes, down from the process that previously took many days and involved mailing document forms.

Every new-technology to reach market needs to thrive plus prosper in a continuously changing plus unpredictable business environment. Determination of economic potential of a technology is a required prerequisite element for defining successful commercialization strategies. Commercial potential can be based on various methods.

At the same time, the seller could provide access to new technology as part of the incentive for that deal. Given today’s seller’s marketplace, larger advisors who have successfully automatic their operations would almost certainly become more attractive to buyers. Professional buyers plus consolidators that either fund or even offer automated solutions stand in order to differentiate themselves, in fact , per Deloitte’s M&A Trends Report 2018, purchase of technology assets now ranks since the number one strategic driver of deal-making. A separate survey from Ernst and Young found that 38 % of corporate acquirers and twenty two percent of private equity professionals positioned a significant emphasis on IT as part of their particular approach to transactions.

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